Horizons Back to School Collection

With some schools re-opening this fall, going back to school will be a new experience as we work together to adopt new CDC protocols and guidelines for parents, students, and teachers.

This year, we will need to wear a mask to stay safe when social distancing is not possible.

To help flatten the curve, Karolina Kurkova x Billie Blooms “Mask for All” initiative partnered with Horizons National students across the country to create an original back to school bundle to help inspire kids to wear masks.

With your purchase of a Horizons Kids Bundle, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to horizons enrichment programs from kindergarten through high school to help close the gap in under resourced communities and empower choice-filled lives.

A special thank you to all who participated, and a big congratulations to the following students who had their designs made in to masks!

My favorite thing I learned at Horizons is Black History. I was able to learn about different parts of my own culture. I like that we are able to think through Black History in a variety of ways. Most importantly we began creating action plans to bring more awareness of Black History & Present to our schools and communities.

The design I created was based off of my feelings and emotions. The characters depicted things like hunger, happiness, anger, sadness and sleepiness. The big bang word was "create" which made me think of the word creative. Creative is what I like to be and it motivates me to push towards my goal of being a graphic designer. Overall there were many thoughts and a lot of time that went into this design. This is a collage of my thoughts and creative process. I loved every minute of creating it!

Favorite subjects at Horizons: Science and Math

Inspiration for design: My favorite subject is Science because it helps me understand about the world around us and science can help us find cures for different situations and history. Learning about science makes me happy.

One of my favorite things that I learned, thanks to Horizons, was doing Origami. We learned it in STEM class and I remembered I was really excited because origami transformed paper into incredible things.

My mask design is the Yin Yang. It is one of the many things that make me happy. The Yin Yang represents the positive and the negative. This inspired me because my life is like a rollercoaster; it has its ups and downs. Despite the challenges I encounter, I believe we shouldn't let the negative things get the best of us.

Something I really enjoy learning in Horizons is Science. In Science class I get to learn more of things like space and get to do fun experiments. I remember that wherever we had science class in our schedule, I would wait with excitement till its time arrived and once we got in the classroom we could see all the materials we would be using for that session.

The inspiration for both of my masks can be traced back to Science class. I remember one time, we were assigned to create 2 dinosaurs; one of the dinosaurs I drew was made by the genetic fusion of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor which created the Indominus Rex and the other dinosaur was made with the Indominus Rex and more genetics of the Velociraptor. My mask portrays those dinosaurs.

My Favorite thing to learn at Horizons is how to be a good community member. I say this because in Horizons I learn how to love my community and how to take care of my community and those are 2 very important things that really helped me now and will help me in the future so it was my favorite thing to learn at Horizons. 

The theme was back to school so I decided to do a sunset and my question I chose was "What makes you feel proud?" I chose a sunset because to me that represents all the work I've done. I say this because when I do work I feel proud of it and I know it will go to a good cause meaning whatever I do now will come back to me later. So to me a sunset just represents a reward for all hard work and makes you feel PROUD of what you've done...this project really spoke to me and felt really important to me so thank you for this opportunity for me to realize all the hard work I've done.

We believe all children, regardless of income, should have the opportunity to realize their potential.

Horizons programs help make that happen. All across the country, children from low-income families are discovering the joy of learning, skills for success, and inspiration to achieve their dreams.

Students begin their horizons journey as early as pre-kindergarten and return year after year through high school. It’s a long-term and deep engagement with students who come to us with a broad range of academic ability. Given this opportunity, horizons students thrive.

In the project-based Horizons approach, kids “learn by doing.” They become inspired as they explore reading, math, science, music, theater, art, swimming, and other activities that cultivate creativity and leadership. And it works. Once a student is enrolled in Horizons, anything seems possible.